We can get your organization to the next level by assisting you in strategic planning, development planning, and financial planning. Services range from half day planning sessions to get your board or staff thinking in new directions to longer term engagements that will include facilitation with board, staff, and funders.

Professional Financial Oversight

We can ensure that your small to mid-size nonprofit has big organization financial oversight. We can assume all accounting duties or we can provide once or twice monthly monitoring.

Professional Development/Training Programs

We can provide a wide array of professional development activities for the staff, board of directors, membership, and/or affiliates. The listing below contains standardized trainings that can be adapted for 1 to 3 hour sessions. If there is a training that is not listed below, please contact us. We can customize trainings to meet your needs.

  • Boards of Directors

    • Accountability for Boards
    • Financial Literacy for Boards
    • Fundraising and Development for Boards

    General Management

    • Emergency Toolkit for Difficult Times
    • Executive Compensation
    • How to Start a Nonprofit
    • Insurance Issues for Nonprofits
    • Mergers and Shared Services
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Student Loan Re-payment for Nonprofits


    • Balance Sheet Basics for Nonprofit Staff
    • Budget Basics for Nonprofit Staff
    • Finance for Fundraisers
    • Financial Basics for Nonprofit Staff
    • Financial Literacy for Boards
    • Financial Systems for Small Nonprofits

    Marketing and Development

    • Auctions, Raffles, and Fundraisers – Rules and Regulations
    • Basic Marketing for Nonprofit Staff
    • Finance for Fundraisers
    • Fundraising and Development for Boards